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Boat Bulding

We offer complete service from design stage to building, interior decorating and testing of newly built vessels. Our customers have the option to choose from our extensive range of existing and new designs specially tailored to suit their requirements.

  • Construction of 1 units harbour tugboat 17m (28T BP)
  • Construction of 2 units harbour tugboat 16m (20T BP).
  • Construction of 2 units harbour tugboat 13m (13T BP).
  • Contruction of 4 units solar powered electric passenger  ferry.
  • Construction of 12 units, 5.4m RHIBs.
  • Construction of 1 unit, 6m Diving Tender (with ramp).
  • Construction of 1 unit Transfer Boat.
  • Construction of 1 unit 6.4m Jack Boat.

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